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Congrats to commence constructing of HSET new plant

Release Date : 06/15/2017 Views : 3233
The Han’s global smart manufacturing base is located in Fuhai Avenue, Bao’an District, Shenzhen. Thanks to the project, it will set up a new city center based on Han’s Laser that a developing industrial cluster of laser shall bring plenty of business opportunities in this area.

The cluster of Han’s Laser has gained 5, 17 billion yuan, which has been expected to breakthrough 30 billion in the next 5 years. The project land-use measures 95,000 square meters in total. All architecture-used surfaces are 495,000 square meters, of which ground floor has 382,000 square meters and underground area accumulated as 113,000 square meters.

Han's global laser smart manufacturing base will be accomplished as the largest manufacturing base for laser equipment in a global phase. The new manufacturing base has a large-span plant with 12 meters height devoted to Laser machinery manufacturing, built only for Han’s Smart Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Han's global laser smart manufacturing base combines aesthetics and functionality, including research and development office, intelligent manufacturing plant and warehouse service house. The whole architecture seems elegant and modern. The external of building features a curtain wall grille plus a low-e glass design. Considering of sustainable development system among plant, there have solar panels on the roof to provide eco-energy.

With a combination of various new energy-saving technical design and green environmental protection, the building will create an efficient, comfortable, innovative, friendly and open five-facade space. The project will become a new landmark in Shenzhen.
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