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Han’s Laser combined with AVIC International buy into Spanish aeronautical automation assembler ARIT

Release Date : 04/04/2017 Views : 961
In April 4th, Spain, Han’s Laser has completed the acquisition of global main aeronautical automation assembler- Aritex Cading, S.A. (hereinafter referred as “ARITEX”)with AVIC International. Han’s Laser has invested about 49.95 million euros (about RMB 350 million yuan) with its own capital, accounting for 30% of the shares. This acquisition marks the strong entry of Han’s laser into aerospace, automotive system integration and robot intelligent manufacturing, which will greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Han’s laser.
The ceremony was held in the barte Lou palace, the world cultural heritage, which was designed by Gaudi. Gu Huizhong, vice president of China aviation industry. Wu Guangquan, chairman of AVIC. Wu Guangquan, Chen Yi, vice president of Han’s Laser. Mr. Lv fan, China's ambassador to Spain. Mr. Oriol Jonqueras, vice president of the Catalonia region. And more than 70 people came to celebrate from Airbus Company, Boeing, China commercial flying, Volkswagen, etc.
ARITEX is one of the leading suppliers of the world's leading aviation automatic assembly line products and provides customized aviation services for customers. At the same time, the automatic assembly products are provided for the automobile manufacturing field. Its unique patented flexible tooling, robot, high precision automatic drilling and riveting and positioning technology was widely used in the assembly line of Airbus, Boeing, commercial flying, Benz and other well-known international aircraft and auto manufacturers.
ARITEX’s headquartered is in Badalona, Spain, and has production bases in Pamplona, Spain. It also has subsidiaries in China, Mexico, Germany and Brazil. As the leading enterprise of global aircraft assembly industry, ARITEX has an experienced management and technology team.
Han’s laser sheet metal equipment division specializes in high power laser cutting equipment, laser welding equipment, 3D printing equipment, laser, CNC system and functional components of the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. The enterprise is the first national intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises, the world famous automatic laser cutting and welding equipment integrators. The products are widely used in rail transportation, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, elevator manufacturing, agricultural machinery and other industries. Customers have spread over more than 40 countries and regions in the world.
The vice president, general manager of Han Han's laser sheet metal equipment division Chen Yi said, ARITEX has patent technology of flexible tooling, robot, high precision automatic drilling and riveting and positioning, and it is widely used in aerospace, military and automotive fields of automation equipment and production line design and manufacture. Through the joint acquisition, Han’s laser will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with ARITEX, promote the company's existing robot automation system integration technology and accumulated experience. At the same time, Han's laser will continue to expand the market and continuous innovation to meet Chinese domestic aerospace, automotive and high iron and other industrial customers to contribute wisdom and strength of "Chinese manufacturing 2025"

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