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Han's Laser won the "2017 CCTV Top Ten China's listed companies"

Release Date : 12/12/2017 Views : 1714
2017 CCTV China Top Ten Listed Companies"  was announced on the CCTV Financial Forum&the Chinese listed companies summit. Owing to the benchmarking of quality enterprises and value investing in the market, Han's Laser has come to the top of more than 3000 listed companies after being selected by the judges.

Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group attaches to Han's Laser (stock code 002008) its focus on high-power laser cutting, welding, 3D printing, cleaning equipment, automated production lines, CNC system, supplier of R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of Lasers and spare parts.

Laser smart equipment series are widely used in rail transit, automobile manufacturing, electric power, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, environmental protection machinery, cabinet, pipe processing, machinery manufacturing and other industries, users in over 40 countries and regions.


Han's Laser Intelligent Equipment Group is closely attached to the smart manufacturing and development of new opportunities, develop new achievements, build "laser + robot + automatic control" smart equipment, speed up the industrial structure optimization and upgrading at a higher level, and become the supplies of China's basic industrial equipment and automation, support  "Made in China 2025" development strategy to promote!
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