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Upgrading: HLSEG opens a new factory with 18,000 m2 in Shenzhen

Release Date : 01/16/2018 Views : 1176
On July 5, 2017, the opening ceremony of HLSEG ’s new manufacturing plant has been held in xinguobang Park, Shenzhen. The new plant has a factory floor of 18,000 square meters, with 100 work stations devoted to maximizing manufacturing efficiency and manufacturing outputs. The new factory can fabricate matured machineries up to 120 sets per month, valued 3billions RMB annually. The new factory has completely operated latest management system of standardization and modularization to put smart manufacturing in action.
Mr. Yan Chen, the CEO of HLSEG  presented on the opening ceremony, indicates corporate further mission and vision to build the new factory as a world-class manufacturing base in laser value-added manufacturing. The president of Xinguobang logistic park Mr. Shaojun Zhang has also gave a speech on the opening ceremony.
Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese machinery provider specialized in high power laser machineries including fiber laser cutting, welding and flexible manufacturing system. According to financial report Q1&Q2, HLSEG has reached 1, 1 billion RMB in total revenue in the Q2. The sales of 2 billion have been forecasted in the Q4 in the fiscal year of 2017. The subsidiaries of HSET contain Han’s setwin, Han’s SMC and Han’s MP Laser; have been forecasted in a continuous increase in FY of 2017.
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