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Han's Laser HF Series

HF Series

HF Series is a gantry dual-drive structure laser cutting machine equipped with integral-weld machine frame and aviation aluminum casting beam.
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Han's Laser F Series

F Series

Data-driven laser cutting system, compound acceleration up to 2.5G, dramatically increase efficiency of complex processing.
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Han's Laser Lion Series

LION Pro Series

With maximum of 3kW laser power, the lion series model serves as an economical solution that meets your limited budget.
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Han's Laser Lion Series

LION 3015

Gantry structure laser cutting machine,cost-saving model
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Han's Laser Large-size Series

Large-size Series

Processing in XXL format,maximum processing size can reach width up 3m and length up to 12m
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Han's Laser Giant Series

Giant Series

A expert deal with large format metal plate.Custom X travel: 8000mm~30000m, Y travel : 2500m~5000m
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Han's Laser RDC Series

RDC Series Coil Fed Laser Cutting System

The RDC laser cutting production line combines coil-feeder and fiber laser cutting to achieve continuous and efficient cutting, realizes flexible production
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