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Large Size Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Large Size Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Large Size Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

2D Laser Cutting

Ultra-fast cutting
Innovative technique
Functional stability
Safe-assured design
The Large-size series laser cutting machine features as a completely developed laser cutting machine to meet cutting requirement of large size metal plate processing in domestic market, machine tools includes G8020F, G8025F and etc. Ultra-fast cutting, Innovative technique, Functional stability and Safe-assured design ensure a constant and well-operated mass production for each of our clients.
Ultra-fast cutting
The maximum positioning speed is up to 140m/min. The acceleration of the X/Y axis is up to 1.0G by double drive acceleration.
Innovative technique
Zero second perforation technology, developed by Han’s Laser, flying cutting technology, leapfrog cutting technology, and compressed air cutting technology of stainless steel are reducing the cost of user’s cutting and improving the cutting efficiency. Han’s Laser has also developed a series of the world's advanced level of new technology, such as film-covered laser cutting process, frequency cutting process, power ramp control cutting process, Turning angle pulse cutting control process, etc.
Functional stability
Thanks to latest laser technology, a laser beam is transmitted directly by the laser source to the cutting head of the machine tool. The mechanical structure is simple, the light path is constant, the basic maintenance is free, and the cutting performance is stable. The fiber laser is designed with semiconductor modularization and redundancy, suitable for continuous operation in 24 hours a day to meet the requirements of industrial continuous production.
Safe-assured design
The machine tool has equipped sheet metal cover, equipped with safety device, door protection switch, etc. With the unity of security and visibility, the security performance is greatly improved.
G8020F G8025F
Working area 8000mm*2000mm 8000mm*2500mm
X-axis 8030mm 8030mm
Y-axis 2020mm 2025mm
Z-axis 300mm 300mm
X, Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m
X, Y, axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm/m ±0.02mm/m
Max. Positioning Speed (X/Y) 140m/min 140m/min
Max. Acceleration (X/Y) 1G 1G
CNC system Han's 701 Han's 701
Max. workpiece weight 3200Kg 4000Kg
Machine weight 20000Kg 22000Kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 18900mm*3470mm*2320mm 18900mm*4020mm*2320mm
Large Size Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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