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Robot 3D Cutting System

3D Cutting

Flexible operating
Wonderful cutting process
Robot 3D laser cutting machine is researched and developed signature products by Hans Laser, it combined with 6-Axis robots、Fiber laser、Cutting head、 Control system、stabilized power、cooling water system and so on. Machine structure is simplified、occupied small space and cost-effective. It can be used in truck、bus、forklift、agriculture machinery、construction machinery and many other 3D body cutting, it can replace the traditional way of cutting.
It uses teach screen to record the position of samples, and program with straight line and arc cutting program and storing in the control system. Finishing one program can proceed with volume-productions, not only can achieve less than 0.2mm accuracy but also saving the programming costs.
CNC system SIMENS PLC + Robotic system
Dimension (L x W x H) 5000mm*4000mm*3000mm
Working radius of robot 2010mm
Rated load of robot 14kg
Repeat positioning accuracy of robot ±0.05mm
Robot 3D Cutting System
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