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MF Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser

Cutting experts
High speed flying cutting
Energy saving and environmental protection,
Quality assurance.
G3015MF fiber laser cutting machine is products that especially for sheet metal processing industry, positioning in thin sheet metal cutting and has stable performance, suitable for electrical cabinet, kitchenware and etc.
Supreme Dynamic
The maximum positioning speed of G3015MF is 120m/min, the maximum speed to cut 0.5mm SUS is 60m/min, suitable for electrical cabinet, kitchenware and etc.
Innovative, Compact and Cost-effective Design
Using the double gantry structure, body is using the whole welding parts, beam is using the aerospace aluminum casting, both of them will anneal before rough machining, classical high and low exchange table can make sure the exchange time within 16s. Enclosed design for cutting area in order to block the laser radiation and safer working environment.
User-friendly installation arrangement
Lessen surface area, more user-friendly conception with eco-design involved
Han’s 701 digital control system
Combined with laser cutting, precision machinery, CNC technology and become the ultra-precision CNC system fiber laser cutting machine.
Frog-jumping cutting
A basic Laser cutting craft, it makes sure the high-efficient cutting, it increase efficiency by 18.8% compare to basic cutting.
G3015MF G4020MF G6020MF
Processing area 3015mm*1500mm 4000mm*2000mm 6000mm*2000mm
X axis track 3050mm 4050mm 6050mm
Y axis track 1530mm 2030mm 2030mm
Z axis track 250mm 250mm 250mm
X, Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03 mm/m ±0.03 mm/m ±0.03 mm/m
X, Y, axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm ±0.02 mm ±0.02 mm
X/Y axis max. positioning speed 120m/min 120m/min 120m/min
X,Y axis max. acceleration 1.2G 1G 1G
Max. load of worktable 750Kg 1300Kg 1800Kg
Machine tool weight 7500Kg 9000Kg 11600Kg
IP degree IP54 IP54 IP54
Phase/Power/Frequency 3/380V/50Hz 3/380V/50Hz 3/380V/50Hz
Dimension (L x W x H) 8900mm*3000mm*1950mm 10878mm*3470mm*1945mm 14950mm*3485mm*1950mm
Table shuttle time 16s 20s 25s
G3015MF Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
G3015MF Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is designed to meet the needs of customers from sheet metal processing industry. It has multiple advantages such as high configuration as well as cutting efficiency, stable performance, and low operating cost, etc.
MF Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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