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PLUS 1 Series
  • PLUS 1 Series

PLUS 1 Series

Laser Tube Cutting

Reliable and specific machine for diverse laser tube processing
Cutting-edge technology Involved machine
PLUS1, an laser tube cutting machine inherited precise structure and well-developed operation system from previous P6018D series, equipped with new generation full-stroke pneumatic chucks, one-time clamping and self-centering all type of tubes no matter it is thin-wall or large weight tubes. Machine employs two main laser cutting techniques: Rapid-Cut and precise cut for small diameter tubes, which makes PLUS1 reliable and specific for diverse laser processing.
1mm more
PLUS1 can effectively process square tube diameter up to 200mm, round tube diameter up to 254mm with maximum cutting thickness up to 10mm. The laser power ranges from 1 kw to 4kw. The whole machine only need 2 sets of jaws and clamps to implement a range of 20-254mm tube process. 
Flexible options
Thanks to modular design, user can freely choose their loading and unloading system according to their actual needs. Loading system: manual loading, semi-automatic loading, and fully automatic loading. Unloading system: 2m fixed unloading, 2.5m or 4m unloading with floating support. 
As a plus, PULS1 Series is available to customized design for dealing with specific materials such as channel steel, angle steel and I-shape profiles.

Seamless joint facilitates your tube loading
Han’s Laser patented technology clamping chuck equipped with inching function to facilitate occasionally manual loading. Han’s Laser patented tube feeding system joint seamlessly to machine body as an optional equipment to assist precise process and facilitate tube loading. 
The burr-free cutting technique refreshes production of tube fabrication and prevent the whole manufacturing process from repeatable and complex process- sawing, drilling, punching, and deburring - to save your time and your labor cost. Less process and better production. 

Max.Process area φ254mm,□200mm
Max. Tube length 6200mm
Max. Unloading length 4000mm
Max. Loading weight 200kg
X/Y feed rate 100m/min
Available lasers 1-3KW
PLUS 1 Series

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