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Laser tube cutting machine
  • Laser tube cutting machine

T16/T25 Series

Laser Tube Cutting

Symbolic laser machine for economical tube processing
Better-Value Orientation
Inherited excellent genes like stability, precision and high speed from the classic P6018D tube cutting machine. New generation full-stroke pneumatic chucks, Max. load bearing capacity up to 200kg. Imported gear racks and high-precision linear guides for smooth transmission and high precision. 
Make Laser Tube Cutting Simple
Used new generation full-stroke pneumatic chucks, one-time clamping with high precision self-centering and flexible clamping force control. Chucks and clamping control can be achieved by manually pushing the control bottoms installed on the chuck base, which makes the manual loading more convenient.
Modular design, flexible combination
Thanks to modular design, user can freely choose their loading and unloading system according to their actual needs. Loading system: manual loading, semi-automatic loading, and fully automatic loading. Unloading system: 2m fixed unloading, 2.5m or 4m unloading with floating support.

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T6016D/ T8016D/ T10016D T6025D/ T8025D/ T10025D
Max.Process area φ160mm,□120mm φ254mm,□200mm
Max. Tube length 6700 mm/ 8700 mm/ 10700 mm 6700 mm/ 8700 mm/ 10700 mm
Max. Unloading length 4000 mm 4000 mm
Max. Loading weight 100 Kg 200 Kg
X/Y feed rate 100 m/min 80 m/min
Available lasers 1-4 kW 1-4 kW
T16/T25 Series
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