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WP Series
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WP Series

High-end equipped
Groove cutting
Cutting software
Professional CNC system
High-end equipped
The machine tool is using horizontal structure, equipped with high accuracy guide rail and gear rack, steady transmission, high accuracy, ,positioning speed can reach to 100m/min, rotation speed can reach to 100m/min, and equipped with automative loading and unloading equipment in order to increase the production efficiency.
Groove cutting
HANS owns proprietary intellectual property rights, can achieve ±45° range groove cutting, high performance、 guarantee of after-sale services.
Cutting software
It use advanced tube cutting software in order to achieving “real time cutting、high-performance cutting” and safe the materials, increasing cutting efficiency.
Tube processing area 6200mm×¢20-180mm 6200mm×□20-180mm
Bevel angle area ±45°
A, B, C axis track infinite rotating
X, Y, U axis max. positioning speed 100m/min
A, B, C axis max. rotating speed 120rpm
X, Y, U axis max. acceleration 1G
X, Y, U axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/1000mm
X, Y, U axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
CNC system Siemens 840D
Max. workpiece weight 100Kg
Loading length 3000-6200mm
IP degree IP54
Phase/Power/Frequency 3/380/50Hz
Dimension (L x W x H) 13000mm x 4500mmx 3000mm
X, Y, Z axis track 6075mm x 200mm x 280mm
Best Choice for Special Shape Tubes
Han's latest technology turns the page to a new chapter for special shape tubes cutting, the latest pipe cutter offers flexible options for tube manufacturer. An active laser head brings more possibility to cut work-in-process product in various angles.
WP Series
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