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2023.08.30 - News

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group won "Han’s Cup" Product Design Contest

On July 21, the first"Han’s Cup" Product Design Contest was successfully held at Han’s Laser Global Hub. Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group’s P6010D/P6018D laser Tube  cutting machine won the "Excellent Design". 


The contest . Since the start of the contest, the commitee team has got more than 90 good entries from various Han’s subsidiaries and companies. 19 good works got to finals, after online score by judges. Six products from Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group got to finals.


"Han’s Cup" Product Design Contest

Nominated Award

✅ G4020HF High-speed laser cutting machine

✅ G6025HF PRO fiber laser cutting machine
✅ G12025F fiber laser cutting machine

✅ G6025-O fiber laser cutting machine

✅ Thermoforming 3D five-axis laser cutting machine


The competition is based on diversified criteria such as the innovation of product technology and concept, the interactive experience and ease of maintenance of the product, the impact of the product's industrial design factors on the added value of the product, and the value of the brand, etc. The winners of the final competition will be comprehensively victorious in terms of industrial aesthetics, innovation, practicability, affordability, and sustainability.


We believe in the sprint of "Craftsmanship", Han’s Laser and its employees enhance customer experience through industrial design and promote technological innovation and industrial development in the laser industry.

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