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Step Into The World of AR, Augmented Reality in Laser smart manufacturing

On March 21, 2023, the acceptance meeting of the project "Research and Application of AR Technology for Smart Manufacturing Process of Laser Equipment", a major scientific and technological special project of "Virtual Reality" under the R&D Program of Key Fields of Guangdong Province, was held at Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group. "The project acceptance meeting was held in Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group. The project develops an AR platform for smart manufacturing, and applies it in the manufacturing process of Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group's equipment design, assembly, training, inspection, etc., to improve enterprise efficiency, reduce costs, explore the application mode of AR in the manufacturing industry, and provide new technical means and support for smart manufacturing.


Augmented Reality-Han's Laser

An assembly guidance system for the industrial field

Han's Laser suction cup virtual-real fusion auxiliary installation tool, realizes virtual-real fusion through AR equipment, saves manpower demand and economic cost consumption, and helps assembly workers efficiently complete the guidance of assembly operations.


An industrial-oriented equipment layout simulation system

Han's Laser production line configuration layout training system facilitates the placement of industrial equipment in the factory as well as the optimization of the layout of industrial equipment, saves training costs and efficiently completes the layout training of industrial equipment in the factory. At present, the training system has been practically applied to the production line configuration of Han's customers, and through the virtual-real fusion layout of individual components, it generates production line configurations that meet customer requirements at the actual site, and improves the efficiency of communication with customers.


Laser Equipment Inspection System

Developed a laser equipment inspection system for use as a laser equipment inspection tool, generating QR codes to bind equipment, connecting to Han's Laser HIOT IoT system, obtaining real-time information on equipment operation, and dynamically adding and viewing annotations.


Exhibition Hall Virtual Human Interpretation System

In response to the needs of Han’s exhibition hall interpretation, the development of a virtual human interaction system, the system through the virtual man according to the preset visit route to lead the actual user to visit the exhibition hall, introduce the product to the user, and at the same time interact with the real products and users to improve the user's experience of visiting the exhibition hall.


The key technologies and AR platform researched by the project team have been popularized in Guangdong Province in related industries such as airport equipment, sheet metal, electronic computer peripheral supporting equipment, metal products, etc. The AR technology has been practically applied in the process of designing, assembling, training, sales, etc., which improves the efficiency and saves the cost. In addition, the project has cultivated a number of composite talents proficient in industrial production and AR/VR technology in Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group and cooperative units, providing a talent reserve for the further promotion of AR/VR technology in industry in the future. Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group has always attached great importance to R&D and innovation. The company has always adhered to the R & D-oriented, continuous innovation, for the field of Smart  manufacturing to provide a full range of laser cutting equipment and its solutions and services, so that the laser to change the world, Smart creation of industrial interconnection.

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