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2024.04.08 - Press Release

National Honor: Once again Han's Laser won Manufacturing Individual Champion Award

Han’s Laser Honored with 8th Manufacturing Individual Champion 2024.

The Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology recently select Han's Laser as 8th batch of China's Manufacturing Individual Champion 2024. This is the third consecutive term that Han’s Laser has gained this national honer for its exceptional manufacturing capabilities. (2018-2020, 2021-2023, 2024-2026).

About National Individual Champion Enterprises

The Manufacturing Single Champion certification is a unique initiative spearheaded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). It aims to foster and elevate manufacturing enterprises that are committed to innovation, quality enhancement, and the improvement of China's manufacturing sector on the global stage. Han's Laser, a global front runner in the provision of comprehensive solutions for smart manufacturing machine, embodies the essence of this initiative. 


Han's Laser has been a pioneer in the laser cutting industry since 2009. The company has built a comprehensive R&D team of 6500 people and owned 8000 intellectual properties through consistent research and development, ongoing innovation, and the recruitment of top talent. We have made significant achievements in developing in-house fiber lasers, cutting heads, CNC systems, and related core components. Han's Laser invests technological advancement has resulted in numerous core technologies and extensive application experience, knowing as a reliable and renowned enterprises in China.


As a fully-owned subsidiary of Han's Laser, Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group is a world-class manufacturers of smart laser machines and services. It offers a wide range of services, from research and development to manufacturing, sales, and service of medium and high-power laser cutting, tube cutting, bending machines, laser automation and relative industrial solutions. Together with long-term development, Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group has over 30,000 industrial customers worldwide.


With a mission toward innovation and quality enhancement, Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group will persist in enhancing its core competitiveness and advancing the superior advancement of the manufacturing sector. 

Laser Cutting, Welding, Bending, Automation Solution Provider | Han's Laser Laser Cutting, Welding, Bending, Automation Solution Provider | Han's Laser
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