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CIMC x Han's Laser

CIMC x Han's Laser


Background of the project

CIMC Vehicles Terabyte is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd., and it is also the domestic high-end box body manufacturing base of CIMC Vehicles. The company focuses on the field of light vans, mainly produces and sells dry cargo vans (urban distribution) and refrigerated vans, and provides high-quality products and services for China's cold chain transportation and urban logistics distribution. CIMC Vehicles Group has built 22 "lighthouse" factories around the world.

We have incorporated the latest high-frequency model from Han's Laser, which greatly improves our cutting speed as well as the quality and stability of our cuts. From the material, the entire process has significant changes. The middle part has eliminated a lot of punching and shearing, simplifying the procedures and reducing the difficulty of product development. This provides more space for design ideas. If we stick to the original design, the processing difficulty would be very high. Therefore, overall, based on preliminary calculations, we can improve efficiency by 30%. Laser Cutting, Welding, Bending, Automation Solution Provider | Han's Laser Laser Cutting, Welding, Bending, Automation Solution Provider | Han's Laser




Project & Issues



The parts currently being cut are the side and rear doors of the model, and some of the door skins and door frames of the heel doors. The parts are complex, the production batch has many tasks that take up a lot of labour costs, and the multiple processes take up a lot of time in direct coordination.


GRC coil-fed laser cutting machine

The GRC coil-fed laser cutting machine is capable of carrying out a complete one-stop processing operation. This includes automatic uncoiling, automatic leveling, automatic feeding, automatic cutting and automatic unloading. The machine is capable of continuous production and sorting is done via an automatic unloading mechanism. The material is then put through automatic stacking and palletized onto the double-decker transport table automatically. The final step is the automated transportation to the storage warehouse where the material is stored. This is entire fully automated process.


AS-S series steel sheet storage system

AS-S series steel sheet storage system is a contemporary storage solution that integrates automated storage and digital management. This warehouse system enables automatic storage of plates following coil processing. Its three-dimensional storage design provides fully automated access to the warehouse. Moreover, this system comes with a warehouse management system that enables inventory information management, access to warehouse history records, data statistics, and many other functions. Such features constitute a power towards intelligent production.The warehouse has a maximum design of 20 floors, which may appear small in size, but allows the storage of up to 60 tonnes of plates on the site's warehouse area.


ALU Series Production Line

The ALU series production line is capable of automatically assigning production plans through the intelligent scheduling control system of the production line. The pre-feeding and pre-discharging of the cutting machine is done automatically without any interruptions. This allows for the realization of automatic production on multiple cutting machines in one line. The stock replenishment table is equipped with weighing and height limitation functions, which helps prevent staff from making operational errors and ensures safety in the automation process.Simultaneously, our product features a singular suction cup with independent control and a flexible partition to accommodate a wider range of board size specifications. Furthermore, it is equipped with patented mechanical and vibration splitting devices, supplemented by shaking and magnet functions, to meet the diverse material sheet splitting demands of the market.

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Laser Cutting, Welding, Bending, Automation Solution Provider | Han's Laser Laser Cutting, Welding, Bending, Automation Solution Provider | Han's Laser
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