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Han's Laser Large-size Series
  • Han's Laser Large-size Series

Large-size Series

2D Laser Cutting

Processing in XXL format,maximum processing size can reach width up 3m and length up to 12m
Processing in XXL format
The extra-large format series reveals a revolution of XXL format processing,the maximum processing size can reach width up 3m and length up to 12m. Customization service makes processing range no longer limited due to fixed machine bed.
Larger format processing with 10kW fiber laser
Han's patented machine design creatively solves overheat and damage of machine surpporter,and heat transfer and thermal deformation during high power laser cutting.
Ready-to-go Processing
High-quality steel welded beam, conductive structure X/Y axis acceleration can reach 1/ 1.4G; XY axis simultaneous speed can reach up to 100m/min,140m/min.
Welded heavy-duty bed (weighted over 40 tons)creates a stable base to support large-size plates and ensures processing quality.
Bevel Cut (optional)
Equipped with Han's laser cutting head that tilts up to 45 degrees in any direction during laser processing.
Cutting Samples
Processing area 12000mm × 3000mm
X-axis 12300mm
Y-axis 3100mm
Z-axis 400mm
Max. Positioning Speed (X/Y) 100m/min
Max. Loading weight 11.3 tons
Machine tool weight 42 tons
Machine dimension (L x W x H) 30m × 5.7m × 2.7m
Large-size Series

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