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ALU Series
  • ALU Series

ALU Series


Automatic Sheet Metal Storage
Sheet Metal Separation
Gauge Detection
Coordinated with Machines
Automatic Sheet Metal Storage
Flexible in terms of sheet gauges and sheet format, shift material by task.
Gauge Detection
Solving double-sheet problems and avoiding unexpected machine damages.
Sheet Metal Separation
Patented sheet metal separator for magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
Stimulating Loading and Unloading System
Multiple laser cutting machines coordinate with stimulating loading and unloadingsystem to reduce downtime. Automatic production in connect with multiple laser machines.

*Only for reference, technical data subject to technical proposal
Speed (loading unit) 50-60m/min
Hoist Speed (loading unit) 6-12m/min
Max sheet format 8000*2000
Thickness 0-16mm
Control system PLC+FMS+CNC( Loading&unloading Tark time planning + laser cutting machine
Max. Load weight (sorting car) 4t
Speed (sorting car) 20m/min
ALU series laser automation
ALU series laser automation is a well-ranged schedule Han's Laser Automation Line that assigns production tasks to the laser machines and conducts continuous loading and unloading, the productivity has increased from 20% to 50%.
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ALU Series

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