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26D Series
  • 26D Series

26D Series

Laser Tube Cutting

Processing in XL.Max.tube diameter up to 260mm.
Up to 260mm
The large clamp diameter with a length of 260mm for square and round tubes.
High Quality Guarantee
The X, Y, Z linear axes and the A and B rotation auxiliary machines are all imported from the country with high torque servo motors. High precision, high rotation, high torque, large inertia, stable and durable performance, ensuring high speed and acceleration of the whole machine.
P6026D P8026D P10026D
Max.Process area φ260 mm,□260 mm φ260 mm,□260 mm φ260 mm,□260 mm
Max. Tube length 6050mm 8050mm 10050mm
Max. Unloading length 4000mm 4000mm 4000mm
Max. Loading weight 500kg 500kg 500kg
Working speed 100 m/min 100 m/min 100 m/min
Laser power 2-6 kW 2-6 kW 2-6 kW
P10026D Laser Tube Cutting Machine
Design for XXL Format Tube Processing
26D Series

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