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TP Series
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TP Series

Laser Tube Cutting

Combination of plate and tube cutting machine
Additional support
Always brings more options
A versatile machine deals with tubes and profiles, and also sheet metals
Combination of plate and tube cutting machine
Combined plate and tube cutting machine, instant switch and flexible processing of tube and metal plates. The 4000 X 2000, and 6000 X 2000 versions are all equipped with dual pallets and automatic changeover.

Removable laser tube structure, flexible combination of plate and tube, the maximum laser tube length reaches up to 6.2m, and unload 1m parts.
Additional Support
Avoid unexpected tube movement while processing
A versatile machine deals with tubes and profiles, and also sheet metals
This stainless steel tubing and sheet metal cutter machine are compatible with round, square, oval, and profile processing. Sheet laser cutting is available with mild steel to high tensile steel to stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel or copper alloys. 
Always brings more options
Compatible with 330mm round tube diameter, and 230mm for square tube.
TP series offers two types of chuck that allows to process round tube from 15 to 220mm, and square tube from 15 to 150mm with 220 chuck. Which is also capable of processing round tubes from 15 to 330mm and square tubes from 15 mm to 230mm with 330 chuck.
TP [4020/6020]
TP Series [TP4020/TP6020]
*Only for reference, techincal data subject to technical proposal
TP4020 TP6020
Processing area 4000×2000mm 6000×2000mm
Tube processing area 6200mm×φ15-220mm 6200mm×□15-150mm 6200mm×φ15-220mm 6200mm× □ 15-150mm
Range 6200mm×φ10-330mm 6200mm×□10-230mm 6200mm×φ15-330mm 6200mm× □ 15-230mm
Accuracy (X/Y) ±0.05mm/m ±0.05mm/m
Positioning speed (X/Y) 80m/min 80m/min
Positioning speed (A axis 80rpm 80rpm
Tube load weight 200kg 200kg
3kW tube & plate mm
4kW tube & plate mm
6kW tube & plate mm
TP Series

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