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Laser Welding Station
  • Laser Welding Station

Laser Welding Station

Laser Welding

High Stability and Efficiency
Flexible Work Table
Tailor-made Control System
Safety and Reliability
Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group has been devoting to the research and development of laser welding, cutting, quenching, etc. for many years, and accumulated rich experience in areas of autogenous laser welding, laser welding with filler, laser-arc hybrid welding, remote laser welding etc. Han’s Laser has a complete series of laser welding system to fit for various purposes and materials.
High Stability and Efficiency
Welding and loading unloading happen simultaneously, welding fixture with excellent man-machine interaction, for easier loading and unloading, effectively improves working efficiency.
Robot Sliding table
Laser power 2-10KW
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Axis 6
Payload 30Kg
Height 850mm
Stroke 400m400m(400mm,600mm,800mm,1000mm available)
Speed 1.5mm/min
Rotating speed 60r/min
Repeat accuracy ±0.02mm
Working station number Two station, four stations (optional)
Laser Welding Station

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