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Robot Laser Cleaning System
  • Robot Laser Cleaning System

Robot Laser Cleaning System

Press Brake & Surface Treatment

Powerful cleaning
Accurate positioning machinery
Time-saving cleaning
Safety-assured system
Safety-assured system
The whole machine adopts integrated design, reasonable ergonomics and compact structure. The sheet metal cover is designed for laser protection. The outer cover is equipped with two movable doors to facilitate the loading and unloading operations of the piston. Both monitoring doors are equipped with anti-radiation glasses
Technical specification
CNC system HAN'S HLC(customized)
Dimension (L x W x H) 5000mm*4000mm*2000mm (Robot) 900mm*600mm*1200mm (Portable)
Working radius of robot Optional
Repeat positioning accuracy of robot ±0.05mm
Type of laser Fiber laser source/All solid state laser source
Laser power 100W/200W/500W/1000W
Optional maser wavelength 1064mm
Type of cooling Water cooling
Water temperature 20°C
Sweep length 10-100mm
Scanning speed <4m/s
Robot Laser Cleaning System

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