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Service Support
Han's Laser Rice Equipment Division mastered the world's advanced laser processing technology and technology, thus guiding the development of laser processing technology and industrial development. Business Unit in the country with more than 30 offices, 4 spare parts center, and through the system of network management, customer service localization and convenience to achieve, for the majority of new and old customers to provide timely, efficient, system Service, providing CNC laser processing equipment "turnkey project."
pre-sale service
According to user needs, from the user point of view to provide practical technical advice and product information; to answer various questions raised by users; from a technical feasibility point of view, to assist users in laser processing equipment market analysis; to provide processing base for users on-site Visit and study.
Sale of services
To provide users with a full range of products operating instructions; on the user's field site visits, according to the actual situation of the scene to assist users planning, design and production sites, as well as water, electricity and gas equipment; user operators to provide technical training.

Prior to delivery, the system will train the user operators on basic laser theory, equipment operation, maintenance and safety protection, etc. The equipment will reach the site of user's safety adjustment and further train the operator of the user, synchronizing with the installation and debugging to ensure that the operator Proficiency in equipment operation rules, fully operational.
After-sales service
Product purchased parts using a global procurement model, and in strict accordance with international standards and the international laser industry production process standard manufacturing, product quality, product reliability is guaranteed.

Installation of the entire set of equipment at the site commissioning, from the date of acceptance of one year warranty (equipment acceptance to the user to process a satisfactory product). During the warranty period, our company will send technical engineers from time to time to carry out technical visits to the user site. According to the usage of the equipment, the equipment will be routinely maintained and checked, the technical problems raised by the users will be answered, and the user operators will be upgraded Training.
Longitudinal integrator laser processing equipment
Han's Laser is one of the few vertical integrators in the world that can independently develop precision machine tools, high-power CO2 lasers and CNC systems. Our engineers have mastered all technologies to provide one-stop service to our customers.

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