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10D Series
  • 10D Series

10D Series

Laser Tube Cutting

Outer diameter up to 15mm (0.05')
Immediate tube loading
Perfect dynamic performance
Quality Ensured Cutting Edge
Specific design for small-diameter
The X, Y and Z linear axes and the A and B rotary axes are all imported from Germany with high torque servo motors. High precision, high rotation, high torque and large inertia ensure high speed and acceleration of the whole machine.
unique functions: small diameter tube clamp, self-centering, anti-wipe equipment, and augmented cutting to realize fine and precise tube cutting.

Perfect dynamic performance
Thanks to smooth coordination in each axis, P6018D reaches a mechanical rotation up to150rpm and move-in speed up to120m/min, which maximize efficiency of laser tube processing and break though recent process speed.
Continuous process
P6010D moves one bar into cutting area, and simultaneously load the next bar which will be moved into machining line while previous cutting finished. Instant loading system ensures a continuous process.
Small size tube cutting techniques
Abundant laser- cut database, dedicated to small diameter tube cutting.
Tube processing area φ20-110mm □20-110mm
Max. Positioning Speed (X/Y) 120m/min
Unloading length 6200mm
Max. Tube length 0-2500mm
Machine tool weight around 12000Kg
10D Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine
The P6010D series specializes in one-time automatic cutting for small diameter tube and pipe. Thanks to the high automation accuracy, and fully-automatic, P6010 series has the ability to process oval, square and round tube or pipe in a large scale production. The tube processing area ranks 6200mm x Ø20-100mm. Han’s pipe cutter has been serialized to meet your customized needs on any length, diameter, loading, and unloading, etc.
10D Series

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